Pearl Brook Capital Management LLC
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the great pyramids of giza in Egypt with cairo in the background
Rome, Italy: The Roman Forum  in the sunrise
great wall with sunset,which is landmark of beijing and china
Borobudur Temple at sunrise Yogyakarta Java Indonesia. (silhouette scene)
view of the incas city Machu-Picchu at dawn
Taj Mahal India Sunset

Pearl Brook Capital Management LLC is an alternative asset manager headquartered in Tampa, Florida, focused on small & mid-cap equities globally. We are well-travelled fundamentally-driven international stock pickers with hands-on experience in multiple sectors. We focus on qualitative and quantitative attributes that identify companies at inflection points, thereby staying agnostic to ‘value’, ‘growth’ and ‘macro’ styles.


The material on the site including, without limitation, informational materials, news articles and all other manager related information, has been prepared for informational purpose only and does not constitute financial, tax, legal or any other advice. All information contained herein is provided “as is”.